What makes our services great is that we at Rumpa Swimwear are truly passionate about our work. In times where everything is so conventional, we love being that difference.


Since 1994 we have been providing design solutions for different individuals, carnival bands, gymnastic and dance schools.


Many of our projects are actually a combination of strategy, design and architecture. We love a challenge and welcome all that our job entails. What makes it more interesting is that our job can be difficult, and almost impossible at times, but that is what keeps the blood  pumping and makes us grow as professionals.

Every day is different and the unknown factor truly keeps things interesting. These challenges keep our creative minds sharp and we feel so blessed to have a fun and engaging work atmosphere.

We love finding innovative ways to do what we can to make our Clients happy and comfortable. That is what it is all about!


We love our work and we do it with passion, love and positivity!

 Why we love what we do

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